What is CardSastic?

People ask me what CardSastic means. I made it up. When I started this whole deal I was mostly doing invitations for kids’ birthday parties. I’m sarcastic. I like puns. Thus the name CardSastic was born.

I started CardSastic just a few weeks after my youngest was born to supplement my income. I was running a newly founded non-profit, and the right side of my brain was itching for a creative outlet. I have always loved art, and while in school, I gravitated toward graphic and web design. After my first web design course, I was in love. Coding makes me feel like a super hero.

Who is CardSastic?

Photo credit: Shannon Zaller Photography

Hey, I’m Sam. You probably know 1000 other graphic and web designers. I do the same thing they do. We all have our different styles. There’s a few things that sets me apart from the lot. I take a no BS approach to business. I’m not a salesperson, but I am an experienced business starter and promoter. I’ve had a lot of jobs and done a lot of volunteer work, and I’ve done them all really well. It’s a lot to put on all one page, but if you wanna take a look at my CV, be my guest.

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